Marble Countertops Are a Baker's Best Friend

Marble Countertops Are a Baker's Best Friend

Shop for high-caliber stone countertops in Austin, TX

Want to upgrade the countertops on your kitchen island? Marble countertops will not only add an elegant look to your kitchen, but they'll also make baking effortless. Premier Stone Installations can help you choose the stone countertops that fit your budget and aesthetic preferences.

Residents of the Austin, TX area love the durability of their marble surfaces. In general, marble countertops can...

  • Withstand heat.
  • Resist scratching and cracking.
  • Stay cooler than room temperature.
  • Last for years to come when maintained properly.

While marble is naturally porous, you can apply sealant to protect your stone countertops against stains. Contact Premier Stone Installations today to learn more.

Customize your marble countertops with ease

With our help, you can personalize your kitchen, bathrooms or reception area with beautiful marble countertops. Tell us about your preferences for...

  • Edge profiles: Because marble is a softer stone than granite, it's easy to shape into countertops with beveled or straight edges.
  • Stone color: Marble can be found in a wide range of colors, including white, gray and pink.
  • Sealant: While marble has a natural glow that can brighten any room, it's a smart idea to protect the surface

We can discuss your preferences during your in-house estimate. To make a stone installation appointment, contact Premier Stone Installations in Austin, TX today.